2017   In spite of all we still survive and create  
2016   And She Said... And She Said...  
2011   Playing with Fire\ Ora Craus (cat.)  
2008   Prayer Beads \Dr. Ketzia Alon(Cat.)  
2006   The danger of bringing Dead to Life \ Galit Landau (Cat.)  
2004   Drawings \ Ada Naamani (Cat.)  
2003   Borka \ Alizabet Dor (Gallery Pamphlet)  
2002   Large Movement \ Ilan Wizgan (Cat.)  
1999   Why Should I Go Far Away \ Zila Friedman (Gallery Pamphlet )  
1998   Against All Odds \ Naomi Aviv (Cat.)  
1995   Daily Survival \ Sourin Heller (Cat.)  
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