Solo Exhibitions
2017   Momentof delight, Artist House, Tel-Aviv
2016   And She said and she said, Artist House, Tel-Aviv
2011   Playing with Fire,The Urban Gallery of Art ,Rehovot ,Curator: Ora kraus (Cat.)
2008   Prayer Beads, Artists House, Tel-Aviv, Curator: Dr. Ktzia Alon (Cat.)
2008   Movement, Drissien Galerie, München, Curator:Dr. Anna Zanco Prestel
2004   Drawings, Artists’ House, Jerusalem,Curator: Ada Naamani (Cat.)
2004   Borka, Art Center Jerusalem,Curator: Alizabet Dor
2002   Borka, The Artists’ Residence, Herzliya,Curator: Varda Genossar (Cat.)
2000   On the Bar, Lesley College, Netanya Branch,Curatot: Nomy Miler
1999   Why Should I Go Far Away, Mani H. Gallery, Tel Aviv
1998   Speechless, Mani H. Gallery, Tel Aviv,Curator: Nomy Aviv (Cat.)
1995   Daily Survival, Janco-Dada Museum, Ein-Hod, Curator: Sourin Heller (Cat.)
1992   The Red Circle, Tiroche Gallery, Tel Aviv
Group Exhibitions
2019   First offrings II, City Gallery Kfar Saba, Curator: Meira Perry- LeHmann (Cat.)
2018   100 year of Duchan, janco-dada Museum, Ein-Ho, Curator: Raia Somer
2018   No Word, Rishon LeZion Artists' House, Curators: Jenifer Bloch, Ruth Orenbach
2018   Holocoust Day, The Left Bank, Tel Aviv, Curator: Mira Cedar
2017   "Happily Ever After", The Yavne Art Gallery, Curator: Dalia Danon (cat)
2016   "One language" Rishon le Tzion Gallery, Corator: Efi Gen (cat)
2015   Depths, Museum Aocashy, Akko,Curator: Rachel Zemer (Cat.)
2015   Following Collectoins , the Art Workshop Gallery of Yavne, Curator: Irit Levin (Cat.)
2015   Earth-Mother, Artist house, Reut, Curator : Gabi Yair (cat)
2014   Avney Safa, Rishon le Tzion Gallery,Curator : Efi Gen (cat)
2014   Earth, After Gallery, Malot Tarshicha, Curator : Noga Migdal (cat)
2013   Gerstein Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator: Neomi Gerstein (Cat)
2013   Not-Book, Beit Ha'ir Urban culture museum, Tel Aviv, Curator: Guy Morag(Cat.)
2012   Not For Sale,From oded Shatil's Art collection,At the memorial center, Tivon, Curator: Taly Cohen Garbuz (cat)
2011   Power Line, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv ,Curator: Orly Hoffmam
2010   Engaging with God, At the memorial center, Tivon,Curator:Efrat Peled Sade (Cat)
2009   A Night in Town, Art workshop, Ramat Eliahu, Rishon Le Tzion
2009   Heshbon Nefesh ,hT. High Touch, Hertzlia
2008   Strata of Memory, Israeli Artists "Second Generation" of the HolocaustIrit ,Curator: Irit Levin and Batya Brutin (Cat.)
2008   The Palm Tree in Israeli Art, D.SH.Danon Gallery
2007   Abie Nathan-"Man of Peace", The Yavne Art Gallery,Curator: Roni Reuven (Cat.)
2007   Magen David in Israeli Art, The Yavne Art Gallery,Curator: Roni Reuven
2006   A Dialogue between Line and Background, New Gallery of ZOA, Tel Aviv,Curator: Irit Levin
2006   Line in Open Space , Artists’ House, Tel Aviv,Curator: Galit Landau and Raz Samira (Cat.)
2005   Collector's Choice, The Yavne Art Gallery (Cat.)
2005   On Abstinence and Richness , Stern Gallery
2004   Man is Not the Tree of the Field, Museum Aocashy, Akko,Curator: Rachel Zemer (Cat.)
2004   Drawing, Old & New, The Municipal Art Gallery in Beit “yad Labanim” at Raanana,Curator: Oded Feingersh (Cat.)
2003   The Beppu Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition 2003 at B-CON PLAZA, Beppu City (Cat.)
2003   Traces, Travelling Exhibition,Curator: Ilan Wizgan
2002   Art Ability, Malvern, Pennsylvania,Curator: Mary Salvante
2002   Markers II, The International Artists’ Museum, Kassel, Germany, Edinburgh Festival,Curator: Doron Polak (Cat)
2001-02   Traces - Contemporary Drawing in Israel, Jerusalem Artists’ House,Curator: Ilan Wizgan (Cat.)
2001-02   Design Gallery, California State University, Long Beach,Curators: Lynne Bernan, Kathy Chenoweth
2000   Art Ability, Malvern, Pennsylvania,Curator: Luis Levy
2000   Artists Greet 10, Ashdod Museum
1999   B’tselem Ten Year Anniversary Exhibition, Givatayim Theater (Cat.)
1999   Discourse: Germany - Israel, International Artists’ Meeting, Static Gallery, Liverpool, England (Cat.)
1998   Opening A Theater on the Peace Way, Givatayim Theater
1998   Dream Of Peace, Tel Aviv (Panim, Quarterly for Society, Culture and Education
1997   England - Israel, International Artists’ Meeting, Die Halle, Wiesbaden, Germany (Cat.)
1997   Love at First Sight, The Collection of Daphna Naor, Kibbutz Cabri Art Gallery
1997   60 Years of the Blue Square, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv (Cat.)
1997   Miniartura, Centro Artivisive, Gubbio, Italy (Cat.)
1997   Artist Matzah Idea, Museum of Man and his Environment, Petach-Tikva (Cat.)
1997   Here Will be Peace, Yefet 28, Contemporary Art Center, Jaffa
1996   Healing the Breach II, Yadayim Gallery, Jaffa (Cat.)
1996   Presented by Arnold Druck, Contemporary Art at Daphna Naor’s, Jerusalem
1996   Happening, Berta Urdang?, Contemporary Art at Daphna Naor’s, Jerusalem
1995   A Project at Wadi Nisnas, Haifa (Cat.)
1993   Works on Paper, Contemporary Art at Daphna Naor’s, Jerusalem
1992   Artists’ House, Tel Aviv
Art Events
2009   Elem's A way no way event. N.Y.
2000   White Sensation in the City, Sotheby’s, Tel Aviv (Cat.)
2000   Save the Building, The International Artists’ Museum, New York
1999   Art Expo, New York (Cat.)
1998   Collage: Homage to the Women of the World, Haifa
2018   Petach-Tikva, Museum of Art
2018   Yad VaShem Museum of Art, Jerusalem
2017   Ein-Hod, Museum Janco Dada
2008   Akko, Museum Aocashy
2007   Odded Shatil collection
2004   yosi ozrad collection
2012   Cite' des arts international, (Artists in residence), Paris, France
2008   The Rabinowitch Foundation
2002   Third Prize, Art Ability 2002, Malvern, Pennsylvania
2000   Honorable Mention, Art Ability 2000, Malvern, Pennsylvania
Video Document
2005   Gabriel Sherover Information Center for Israeli Art , the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Cassette number 447
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