Why Should I Go Far Away

I’m trying to connect between two different worlds. One is the world of my family, which
adheres strictly  to the  Jewish- Orthodox tradition. My father comes from a long line of
writers beginning with the late Shlomo Ganzfrid who authored “Kizur Shulchan Aruch”.
 My grandfather Benjamin Friedman, authored many books, among them “Makor
 Hatfilot” and  “Kontres Hatharot”, which is an explanatory text of the  Old  Testament.
 My father, David Friedman, is following in their footsteps, and is publishing his father’s
 books in a new edition.
The other world, the way I live, is a place where one constantly searches for control over
one’s body. Methods such the Chi-kong  and Alexander  techniques combine body and mind.
The process of improving one’s ability by these methods, as well as daily practice, is a way
of life which allows one to make “peace” with one’s body, and it requires persistence and
dedication, similar to the discipline required from those who adhere to the strict 
Jewish- Orthodox  way of  life.

Zila Friedman, Why should I go far away , Manny H, Neve Tzedek, Tel-Aviv, 1999


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